RelAir R2M

wireless M-Bus to wired M-Bus Gateway

Wireless2Wired M-Bus

The RelAir R2M allows you to integrate up to 63 Wireless M-Bus meters into your existing M-Bus installation. For this purpose the OMS-compliant gateway stores the meterdata and answers a 
request by the M-Bus Master with the last answer telegram. 
Because of the configurable whitelist it is of course possible to run several RelAir R2M in one M-Bus network. Due to the integrated mini USB interface the RelAir R2M can also be used as a full operational Wireless M-Bus Master, which e.g. in combination with MBSheet enables a read out.  Our new gateway works without an external power supply and is either supplied from the M-Bus (5 standard loads) or via the USB interface.

An elegant white wall housing or a better protected distribution box and an internal or external antenna are the options that make the RelAir R2M fit for the different applications.


RelAir R2M Pro

RelAir R2M Home

Technical Data


  • Wireless M-Bus according to standard EN13757-4 Mode S, T and C (Frame Format A + B)
  •  Frequency range 868 MHz
  • Optional encryption mode 5 or 7, AES
  • Whitelist with up to 63 counters and Blacklist configurable, 
    Radioscanlist with up to 512 entries
  • Configuration with free software via USB or M-Bus
  • Internal antenna, optional external antenna
  • Power supply via M-Bus (5 standard loads)
    or operation via USB interface (max 90 mA)

Housing Relay RelAir R2M Home

  • White plastic wall housing with cable feed on the back
  • Dimensions W x L x H = (80 x 80 x 25) mm
  • Protection class IP 40

Housing Relay RelAir R2M Pro

  • Distribution box for wall mounting with self-sealing cable glands
  • Dimensions W x L x H = (93 x 93 x 55) mm
  • Protection class up to IP 65

Ordering information

Article NumberDescription
RelAir R2M HomeWireless M-Bus to M-Bus Gateway
for installation in the field of view, Internal antenna
RelAir R2M ProWireless M-Bus to M-Bus Gateway
Industrial version, Internal antenna
KA004USB cable A to mini B 5-pin 1,8m

PadPuls M2W

wireless M-Bus pulse adaptor

also available soon