M-Bus Display / Logger / Level-Converter

M-Bus Display / Logger / Level-Converter for 60 slaves


  • Front-CPU with LCD and 4 navigation-keys shows important M-Bus meter data
  • Autosearch of meters with list generation
  • Passcode protection
  • Additionally usable as level-converter by the RS-232 interface
  • Firmware-update by RS-232


  • Same features as M-Bus Display and additional logging and data storage function
  • Historical meter data on LCD
  • Configuration and export of meter data by RS-232 direct link or modem


  • Baudrates: 300 up to 9600 Baud
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus
  • Echo cancellation and collision detection with break signalling
  • Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and overload in the screw-terminal room

The three members of the W60 Master Family are ideally suited for M-Bus installations with up to 60 meters. 

The base model is the M-Bus Level Converter, which is standardly equipped with a RS232 and a RS485 interface. For remote read-out a PC with software is needed.

The M-Bus Display additionally allows real stand-alone operation with the integrated LCD and keypad. Therefore meter data can be displayed on-site with few keystrokes.

The third member of the W60 family, the M-Bus Logger, also automatically stores data at selectable times. The data memory can be exported to a PC or a laptop. Alternatively the use of a modem connection is possible.


Technical Data

Operating voltage

230VAC (opt. 110VAC), 50/60Hz

Power input


Temperature range

M-Bus voltage39V ((mark, without load)
M-Bus quiescent currentmax. 90mA (60  unit loads)

Overcurrent threshold


Internalbus resistance

approx. 15 Ω

Transmission speed

300 .. 9600 Baud

Galvanic isolation

2.5kV (to the M-Bus)


 light-grey plastic protection type IP52
H x W x D: 71 x 165 x 175 mm
wall mounted, sealable

LED-state indicators

power, maximum load M-Bus, short circuit M-Bus
Control panel
(exceptional MR004W)
4 key plastic-foil keyboard (exceptional MR004W) LCD with 2 lines a. 16 columns, illuminated


M-Bus, RS232, RS485

Screw terminals

M-Bus (3-times), RS485, RS232 (GND, TXD, RXD) power supply (L1, N, E)

Plug-in terminals

RS232 as 9-pin. DSUB-socket

Data memory
(just at MR004DL)
minimum 2000 telegrams (just at MR004DL)
(shared to the number of meters)


Ordering information

Order NumberDescription
MR004FAM-Bus Display (60 slaves)
MR004DLM-Bus Logger
MR004WM-Bus Level-Converter (wall)

Please add -US for 110V version.