Relay GmbH

The M-Bus pioneers from Paderborn

Founded in 1991

Because of environmental protection, rising energy prices and the liberalisation of the energy market, collection of energy consumption data becomes more and more important. Also Dipl. Physcist Klaus Reinecke had recognized this, as he founded the Relay GmbH in 1991. Since that we became one of the leading manufacturers of building service components for consumption data collection, with customers in the whole world. For the collection and remote transmission of the counterdata of water meters, gas meters, electric meters and heat counters the M-Bus is used.

Our company building in Paderborn (Germany) is equipped with modern tools and up-to-date technology. A brought in team of engineers and skilled workers, develops and produces customized hightech, single pieces or in series.


Close cooperation with the University of Paderborn forms the base for competent system approaches and for the testing of new procedures and applications.
Our emphasis lies in the conception, development and the production of M-Bus products and system solutions. But we also offer customized solutions within (nearly) all ranges of electronics as well as software. With our internal production plants we produce electronic building groups on customers order.
The Relay GmbH is now one of Europes leading manufacturers of all kinds of M-Bus components. Our products allow to make existing installations M-Bus able as well as we equip new installations with the progressive bus. For example allmost every builing at the new designed Potsdammer Platz at Berlin is equipped with our innovative devices.
We keep on developing new and more efficient masters. These masters are the heart of every M-Bus installation. They collect, store and administer the data of all meters and sensors attached to the network. Thus they allow the central selection of all collected data. We offer an optimal fitting master for almost any application. Starting with the large Central Unit, which evaluates up to 250 meters and can be extended to an unlimited number of meters, to the MicroMaster, which, in connection to a laptop, is ideally suited for small installations with up to 10 meters. This range of special masters is singular and makes Relay one of the most importent manufacturers of M-Bus components.