M-Bus Level-Converter PW20

for 20 slaves

  • Integrated RS232-Interface (PC as master)
  • Optional optical interface (laptop / handheld as temporary master)
  • Max. 20 slaves (Unit loads with 1,5mA)
  • Power supply 12-24V DC/AC
  • Baudrates: 300 to 9600 Baud
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus
  • Display for data transmission and system status
  • Rail or wall mounting

Function of the Master-PW devices

The devices in the PW series are M-Bus master interfaces for networks with 3, 20 and 60 slaves. They are compact in design (wall or rail mounting) and have a broad supply voltage range. The actual operating state is indicated by several LED at the front. All device versions in the PW series are equipped with a RS232 port. The control computer can communicate with the M-Bus meters by the integrated IR optical interface using a ZVEI optical head.



Technical Data

Operating voltage

10,8V .. 28V DC 10,8V .. 28V AC

Power consumption

max. 7W

M-Bus voltage (without load)


Max. M-Bus quiescent current

30mA (20 Standardlasten)

Internal bus resistance

ca. 100Ω

Overcurrent threshold


Transmission speed RS232

300 .. 9600 Baud
Transmission speed RS485--

Transmission speed optical

2400 Baud

Galvanic isolation to M-Bus

Bit Recovery--

Temperature range

0 .. 55 °C

Dimensions H x W x D





Ordering information

Order NumberDescription
MR006Level-Converter for 20 slaves without optical interface
MR006 IRLevel-Converter for 20 slaves with optical interface

Additional Accessories

Order NumberDescription
MOD003M-Bus modem for level converter
OK001Optical head for RS232-interface
M-Bus readout-software
Order NumberDescription
SWMBHEETSimple M-Bus readout-software with meter-search and CSV-Export
SW_DOKOMM-Bus readout-software, in different volumen licenes available