RelAir ICS

The RelAir ICS is a Wireless M-Bus IndoorClimateSensor for temperature and humidity

  • Wireless M-Bus according to EN 13757-4 Mode S and T
  • Frequency 868 MHz
  • OMS conform and compatible (Spec 4.X.X)
  • Optional encryption AES 128 Mode 5
  • Transmission Interval adjustable 1 min, 5 min, 10, min, 15 min
  • Configurable via DIP switches
  • Internal antenna
  • Power supply via 2 AA batteries (replaceable)
  • Battery litetime up to 10 years

The RelAir ICS is a wireless M-bus indoor temperature and humidity sensor. Our sensor fits into your OMS wireless network and allows you to reliably monitor the current values. The elegant housing with its easy mounting contributes to the easy installation of the RelAir ICS. The integrated batteries, which eliminate the need for an additional power supply, do the rest. Depending on the setup transmission interval, the battery can last more than 10 years. If the battteries are used up, they can be exchanged very easily. Another user friendly aspect of the installation concept is the DIP switch configuration of transmission interval and wM-Bus mode.

Technical Data

StandardsEN13757-4 and EN13757-3, compatible to OMS
Transmission modesS1, T1 (one directional)
EncryptionMode 0 (no encryption) or Mode 5
Power supply2 AA batteries

Sensor RelAir ICS

Temperature measuring range-10°C .. +55°C
Temperature measuring accuracy+/- 0,3°C
Temperature measuring ressolution0,1°C
Humidity measuring range20% RH .. 80% RH
Humidity measuring accuracy+/- 2% RH
Humidity measuring ressolution0,1% RH
Housing RelAir ICS
MountingWall mounting or mounting on an in-wall box (60mm)
MaterialABS, white
B x L x H

80 x 80 x 25

Protection classIP40


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RelAir ICS

Wireless M-Bus temperature and humidity sensor