PW 100

M-Bus Level Converter and Repeater for up to 100 Slaves

  • M-Bus Level Converter and Repeater for 100 Slaves
  • USB, Ethernet, 2x RS232C, RS485
  • Repeater for M-Bus extension for 100 slaves or cable network
  • Intelligent interface management
  • Status indicated by 6 LEDs
  • Mounting on DIN rail

The compact allrounder

The Pw100 is a transparent level converter for 100 M-Bus slaves with an abundance of interfaces and functions. Whether you read your meters with a DDC, involving them directly in your building control or want to access the data on a PC, the Pw100 with its RS232C, RS485, USB and TCP / IP interfaces offers all options. Another unique feature related to the large number of interfaces is their intelligent management. By this the Pw100 allows you to connect multiple external controllers simultaneously. The access to the M-Bus is monitored by a logic, that always connects only one interface at a time. By the additionally implemented repeater function, the Pw100 becomes the true allrounder among our compact DIN rail M-Bus level converters.

Operation and Features

The Pw100 is a digital M-Bus level converter for up to 100 M-Bus slaves. The integrated processor takes over the control of the short-circuit protection, the collision detection and the bit time recovery. As one of few level converters for 100 meters the Pw100 provides communication speeds of up to 38400 baud. Different colored LEDs on the front of the housing inform you about the device status and indicate communication. Another LED shows that one of the available interfaces is in access to the M-Bus. Here, the intelligent controller ensures that either the RS232C or RS485 or USB or TCP / IP interface is switched to the M-Bus. After completing the communication the M-Bus is released and reallocated according to the principle „first come, first served.“. Being installed the Pw100 trades in all advantages of its compact DIN rail housing and fits perfectly into your switch cabinet. If you are using the Pw100 as a repeater for an existing M-Bus system, it enables the connection of 100 M-Bus slaves or a extension of the cable network up to 4 km.



Technical Data

Operating voltage42,0 .. 43,5 VDC
Power consumptionmax. 15W
Temperature range0 .. 50°C
M-Bus voltage42 V ( Mark), 28V (Space)
M-Bus Standby currentmax. 150 mA
Overcurrent threshold> 200 mA
Bus impedance5 Ω
M-Bus baud rate300 .. 38400 Baud
Maximum cable length for recommended cable type JYSTY 1 x 2 x 0,8 mm  Total (all wires): 1km (9600 baud),
4km (2400 baud), 10km (300 baud)

Max. distance to slave: 1000 m
(all 100 slaves at the end of the cable)

Max. distance to slave: 2000 m
(100 slaves equally distributed)
Galvanic isolationAll interface are isolated from M-Bus and power supply. The Repeater input is additionally isolated from the other interfaces.
Housinglight grey and black PC plastic
protection class IP 30

H x B x T: 105 x 90 x 60 mm
mounting on DIN rail
LED status indicatorsPower, communication master, slave, warning, short circuit M-Bus, M-Bus activity
Interfaces10/100 Mbit Ethernet, USB device, 2 x RS232
(terminals), RS485, Repeater (M-Bus IN)


Ordering Information

Order NumberDescription
PW100M-Bus Level Converter and Repeater for 100 slaves
NT016Power supply 42VDC, 30W, mounting on DIN rail
KA USB ABUSB cable A to B plug/plug, length = 1m, grey
KA006Serial DSUB 9 cable with 3 open lines
RJ45 1M
Network patch cable CAT5E FTP, Length = 1m, grey