M-Bus Level-Converter PW60

Signal processor driven M-Bus Master / Level-Converter for 60 slaves

  • Integrated RS232 interface (PC as Master)
  • RS485 interface
  • Galvanic insulation between M-Bus and PC
  • Optical-Interface (Laptop / Handheld as Master)
  • Baudrates from 300 to 9600 Baud
  • Bit-Recovery (recovery of bit times)
  • Protection against overcurrent and short-circuit on M-Bus
  • Echo Cancellation and Collision Detect with Break-Signalling
  • Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and overcurrent
  • External 20-45V DC or 20-30V AC supply
  • Housing for wall or rail mounting

Function of the Master-PW devices

The devices in the PW series are M-Bus master interfaces for networks with 3, 20 and 60 slaves. They are compact in design (wall or rail mounting) and have a broad supply voltage range. The actual operating state is indicated by several LED at the front. All device versions in the PW series are equipped with a RS232 port. The control computer can communicate with the M-Bus meters by the integrated IR optical interface using a ZVEI optical head.

The PW60 has an additional noisefree RS485 port which enables greater distances between control computer and level converter.


Technical Data

Operating voltage

20V .. 45V DC
20V .. 30V AC

Power consumption

max. 16W

M-Bus voltage (without load)


Max. M-Bus quiescent current

90mA (60 Standardlasten)

Internal bus resistance

approx. 20Ω

Overcurrent threshold


Transmission speed RS232

300 .. 9600 Baud
Transmission speed RS485300 .. 9600 Baud
Transmission speed optical2400 Baud

Galvanic isolation to M-Bus

Bit Recoveryyes

Temperature range


Dimensions H x W x D

78 x 70 x 118 mm


Ordering Information

Order NumberDescription
MR004CMini Level Converter (60 slaves)

Additional Accessories

Order NumberDescription
MOD003M-Bus modem for level converter
OK001Optical head for RS232-interface
M-Bus readout-software
Order NumberDescription
SWMBHEETSimple M-Bus readout-software with meter-search and CSV-Export
SW_DOKOMM-Bus readout-software, in different volumen licenes available