WebLog 250

M-Bus Datalogger for 250 devices with touchscreen and webserver

  • Web enabled M-Bus Logger for 250 meters
  • USB, Ethernet and RS232C interface standard
  • optional WiFi
  • Readout by webbrowser
  • Exports data as XML, XLSX or CSV via E-Mail, FTP or USB
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • integrated 110 .. 250 VAC power supply

WebLog 250 - A new era

Replacing the Digital Master series the WebLog starts a new era of M-bus data loggers. It combines the familiar and well-proven M-Bus qualities of the DR series with the advantages of actual interfaces, a significant increased memory, an integrated database and the convenient using possibilities offered by an embedded Web server.

This combination enables you to create meter groups or even filter meters already in the data logger, for example to assign different log intervals to different meters. While reading the meters, the complete data of the 1st telegram is stored in the 1GB (Login / export) flash memory. When exporting the data it is possible to select only relevant data for the special reading purpose. Once administrated, the WebLog can run the user-defined exports fully automatically, and send the data in CSV, XLSX, or XML format via email or upload to an FTP server. The new standard of comfort is completed by the integrated flexible power supply (110 .. 250VAC) and a housing, that is mountable on wall and on the DIN-rail.


Remote access to the WebLog250 is done via a web browser. Up to 250 terminals can be managed.

Technical Data

Operating voltage110 .. 250VAC / 47 .. 63 Hz
Power consumptionmax. 100W
Temparature range0 .. 55 °C
M-Bus voltage (without load)42V
M-Bus standby currentmax. 375mA
Bus impedanceca. 8 Ω
Overcurrent threshold500mA
M-Bus baud rate300 .. 9600 Baud
Galvanic isolationbuilt-in
HousingLight grey ABS plastic, protection class IP52, H x W x D: 264mm x 234mm x 86mm
LED status indicatorspower, communication, maximum load M-Bus, M-Bus short circuit
Display7" LCD display with resestive touch screen, 800 x 480 pixels 262144 colors
Memory1 GB Flash memory
Interfaces10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB-Host, USB-Device, RS232C optional: W-LAN, analogue modem or GPRS modem
Terminals3 x terminals for M-Bus, plug-in terminals for floating contacts and relay outputs