M-Bus Digital-Master

Signal processor driven M-Bus Master /
Level- Converter for 120 or 250 slaves

  • modular design:
  • as Master with plug-in CPU-Board and integrated Master-Software
  • as Repeater for bus system extension (more than 250 slaves, more cable length)
  • as Level-Converter for RS232, RS485 or 20mA Current-Loop
  • Baudrates: 300 to 9600 Baud
  • Version for 38400 Baud with limited specifications
  • Bit-Recovery (recovery of bit times)
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus
  • external voltage and lightning protection on the M-Bus
  • Echo cancellation and collision detection with break signalling
  • Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and short-circuit
  • 2 serial lines (modem and service)

Function of the M-Bus Central Unit

The M-Bus Central Unit scans the data from up to 250 meters in selectable intervals. All meters with M-Bus protocol according to EN1434-3 are automatically detected and read. This means that the user is saved the laborious task of configuring the measuring points in the software.
It is possible to operate the M-Bus Central Unit on-site by the keypad and the LCD, without any auxiliary devices. A PC can be used to read the stored meter data on-site or by a modem connection ( for example with a standard terminal software). The operating system is available in different languages and can easily be updated by software.


Technical Data

Operating Voltage42 DC

Power consumption

max. 25W

Temparature range    

0 .. 55 °C

M-Bus voltage (without load)


M-Bus standby current

max. 375mA bei DR001 (250 standard load)
max. 180 mA bei DR002 (120 standard load)

Bus impedance

approx. 10 Ω

Overcurrent threshold

500mA (DR001), 250mA (DR002)

M-Bus baud rate

300 .. 38400 Baud

Galvanic isolation



Grey ABS plastic,
protection class IP52
H x W x D: 85 x 200 x 240 mm
Memory512 kB FLASH (optional 4MB)
512 kB static RAM
Securitybatteriegepufferte Echtzeituhr

Operating Controls

Folientastatur mit 20 Tasten
LCD mit 4 Zeilen u. 16 Spalten


M-Bus, RS232C, Modem intern, Modem extern



Ordering information

Order NumberDescription
DR001Master with CPU/Soft (250 Slaves)
DR002Master with CPU/Soft (120 Slaves)
DR003Level-Converter RS232 (250 Slaves)
DR004Level-Converter RS232 (120 Slaves)
DR005Level-Converter RS485 (250 Slaves)
DR006Level-Converter RS485 (120 Slaves)
DR007Repeater for system extension
DR011Level-Converter TTY (250 Slaves)